The John Thoday Laboratory

Department of Genetics

University of Cambridge

Opened 17th March 2004

The new Drosophila laboratory was named the John Thoday Laboratory in recognition of Professor Thoday's extensive work on Drosphila and contributon to Genetics as head of department (1959-1982). John visited the department on the 17th March to open the lab. and meet old friends and new fly workers.

He cut a ribbon, gave a fascinating speech on the history of flies and genetics in Cambridge and declared the lab. officially open. He was one of the first biologists in Cambridge to work on fruit flies and there are now upwards of 200 Drosophilists in many University departments and associated institutes.

The refurbishment of the laboratory was funded by a JIF grant from the Wellcome Trust and a grant from the Isaac Newton Trust, Trinity College.