Do you recall the glory of the dawn
When sun first turns his eye on desert sand
With Midas' touch; creates a golden land
Which yet must turn to dust as soon as born?
Must all of life be thus ephemeral morn?
Do you recall the moment when your sight
First swept wide vistas as you topped the height
Of snowy Blumlisalp or Wetterhorn?
Can you remember limpid tropic seas,
Or Egypt's lateen sails so silent glide,
The lakeside willows stirring in the breeze,
Or scented woods where painted orchids hide?

These having seen, we may not see again,
And every recollection touches pain.

Do you recall when first you met the glance
Of your first love,the thrilling ecstacy;
(Ah could that moment but have constancy)
Remember the nights when you and she would dance
Ere you were parted on the tide of chance?
Doyou recall the kisses known no more
Whose loss adds sorrow to your sorrow's store,
But brings perception to the new romance?
Do you forbear to meet to -day in gladness
Because tomorrow may bring hours of tears,
Live out your time submerged in present sadness
Because you cannot face to-morrow's fears?

Hold up your head! This is no living , on
The days that may seem happy now they're gone!


Each time we live we die a little death
For time ,in passing, may not let us see
The highlights that are now but memory.
Each time we see new beauties of the earth
Or find new friends, our soul achieves rebirth,
And all of life becomes a greater joy
Which some to-morrow must soon destroy.
Yet, to have life, we must endure the death
Of little lives that later lives enrich,
For if, avoiding death, we life resist
We then ourselves such false fears bewitch
That we cease living and do but exist:

Fear not the deaths, call not to life a halt,
Lest, looking back, the tears be bitter salt!

JMT 1944