After Browning

We'll "contend no more , Love,
Strive nor weep:
All be as before, Love,
-Only sleep"

Thou and I debating
Week by week,
As all time were waiting
While we speak:

Speech is dumb as death is;
As thou ask:
So to spend our breath is
Foolish task;

I am but a man, love
Dust to sod
Can but what I can, Love,
Not a god:

Lay, but lay thy head now
On my arm;
Let it be thy bed now
Out of harm.

Tell me only tell, Love
How I may
Learn the magic spell, Love,
salve thy day:

Though this life be brief, Love,
Time so short,
I will help thy grief, Love,
As I ought ,

All my time in waking
All my sleep,
Thine are for the taking
Thine to keep:

That is for to-morrow,
Not to-night;
I must courage borrow
For thy flight. -

I will wipe thy tears, Love;
(Happy me)
In sleep will hide my fears, Love,
Loving thee.

JMT 24.3.46