All men treasure
Stolen pleasure
More than joy that's due,
Giving leisure
Higher measure
When there's work to do.

Oh what bliss, is
Stealing kisses
From unwilling Sue!
Oh, the flowers
Out of hours i
In a barley brew!

While the teacher
Tells the creature
Of the caribou,
Every boy dreams
Of the ice-creams
Eaten at the Zoo.

Students playing
Go a-maying
Out in a canoe,
Or drink coffees
While the Prof is
Lecturing to few.

Though the venture
Lead to censure
Which we know we'll rue,
All find playing
Truant paying,
Why should this be true?

All men treasure
Stolen pleasure
When there's work to do,
Though it's crazy
To be lazy,
That's the way we grew!

Man unwary
Man contrary,
Why on earth do you.
Having Sunday,
Long for Monday
Off, and Tuesday too?

JMT 1947