If we had lots of money
You and I, my honey,
Could spend our time
Composing rhyme
Serious or funny.

A pair of parasites
We'd spend our days and nights
In having fun,
Enjoy the countryside
and wander side by side
Beneath the sun.

We soon, I think, would find
We'd left our cares behind
And had begun
To build a paradise
And dream that life was nice
For everyone.

We'd say we knew we were
A born-artistic pair
Whom bondage irks,
And salve our consciences
By writing nonsenses
We'd call our works.

And if our opera
Were hardly popular
We wouldn't care;
Someone would analyse
And find, to our surprise,
Deep meaning there.

Oh could we spend our time
Composing silly rhyme
or writing trash!
But, Curse this world of ours,
We have to spend the hours
In making cash.

JMT 1947